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Reconditioned Factory Turbo

Reconditioned Factory Turbo

K04 Factory Mazdaspeed turbo, professionally re-conditioned by Scales Snales Turbocharger Upgrades. 


The most common and easily monitorable signs of a worn out turbo are smoky exhausts and high oil consumption, which is increasinly more common these days with age and mileage. 


These reconditioned Scales Snails turbos include a brand new CHRA which has been custom built to Scales Snails spec with 20% larger dual oil port thrust bearing, upgraded turbine seal and VSR balance once assembled for a superior level of balance.


I am happy to offer these on an EXCHANGE BASIS!!

This works by you purchasing the new turbo outright, and after your old turbo has been sent back I return $100 back to you. If you don't want to buy on an exchange basis, don't worry! Just purchase the turbo and don't send me your old one. 

  • Warranty Details-

    6 months from purchase or 15,000km. 

I will be in contact with updated expected shipping times.
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