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Timing Chain Kits

Timing Chain Kits

Stock levels for the different components of this kit vary at times. You will receive your order from anywhere between 3-23 working days.


Parts included in the kits are listed below


Kit 1:

VVT Actuator (newest revised version)

Timing Chain

Timing Chain Tensioner

Camshaft Friction Washer

Crankshaft Friction Washers x3

Crank Pulley Bolt

HPFP Cam Housing Gasket


Kit 2:

Same as Kit 1 plus

Chain Guide

Chain Tensioner Guide


Kit 3:

Same as Kit 2 plus

Timing Cover Seal

Valve Cover Gasket


Kit 4:

Same as Kit 3:

Oil Pump Chain

Oil Pump Chain Guide

Oil Pump Chain Tensioner


Kit 5:

Same as Kit 4 plus

Gates Serpentine Belt


Kit 6:

Same as Kit 5 plus

Gates Belt Tensioner

Gates Belt Idler

    PriceFrom $640.00
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